Introductory session:

Our first session together would be an introductory session designed to get to know you and what brought you to therapy. This session would be more structured than usual and is designed to get an understanding of what you’d like to work on and what you’d like to achieve. It is also an opportunity for you to ask me questions about therapy and how I work. The introductory session is charged at a reduced cost of £30. If it is agreed that you would like to work with me then we will work out a regular session time.

Fees and sessions:

My fee for regular sessions is £50. Sessions are usually weekly and 50 minutes long. These regular sessions are also usually on the same agreed day and time every week. If this is not possible, or if you would like more or fewer weekly sessions, then we can discuss this and look into any possibilities.


Online and face-to-face sessions:

Due to the Covid pandemic I am currently only seeing clients for online and telephone sessions.